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In the ever-evolving legal landscape, law firms are continually seeking innovative solutions to boost efficiency and maintain competitiveness. Residential Conveyancing involves a series of structured procedures, making it an ideal candidate for outsourcing. We acknowledge the value of your time and its associated opportunity cost, and aim to empower law firms to expand their conveyancing practices in today's rapidly evolving world.

At 3N Convey, we specialize in delivering comprehensive end-to-end conveyancing services, drawing upon our extensive experience and deep domain knowledge in this area. Our expertise covers a wide range of transaction types in the conveyancing value chain. With a team trained and experienced across all facets of conveyancing, we bring immense value to our clients through prompt and expertly executed services.

As India’s leading third-party conveyancing services provider, 3N Convey has seamlessly served law firms, ALSPs, and individual conveyancers. We remain technology-agnostic, adapting to any technology platform you currently use to provide support.

Take a strategic leap towards streamlining your operations and staying ahead in the competitive conveyancing arena by partnering with 3N Convey.

Our Services

Our team has experience in
  • Reviewing, responding and reporting on Replies to Enquiries for purchase matters
  • Preparing Client correspondence, reviewing client replies and preparing Replies to Enquiries for sale matters
We prepare contract packs for all types of sale transactions, including downloading title documents from HMLR and drafting the contract.

We provide end-to-end support for remortgage transactions including:
  • Downloading Office Copies, checking the Restrictions
  • Reviewing and handling Management Company requirements in case of Restrictions
  • Reviewing Charges and downloading or requesting Redemption Statements from Lender
  • Reviewing Mortgage Offers and preparing the Mortgage Report
  • Preparing TR1 and supporting documents in case of Remortgages involving Transfer of Equity

We have experience in the following:
  • Drafting the TR1
  • Completing SDLT
  • Drafting Retention Riders
  • Certificate of Title (COT)
We have experience in the following:
  • Preparing OS1/2
  • K16/Lawyer Checker
  • Preparing Completion Bundles

Titles Investigated
Replies to Enquiries
Compliance Checks
Mortgage Advisory
Contracts Issued
Searches Reviewed
Completion Support

Why use 3N Convey’s services

Optimized Operational Cost
Outsourced conveyancing is an ideal cost-efficient solution for law firms faced with mounting costs. By leveraging economies of scale, law firms can reduce their overhead costs and increase their profitability. Outsourcing eliminates the need for firms to invest in additional staff, training, and technology infrastructure, as these are all provided by the outsourcing company. The cost of hiring a conveyancer in the UK costs more than hiring 2-3 conveyancing assistants with 3N Convey.
Access to Conveyancing Expertise

If you’re looking to access a talent pool of experienced professionals that are not part of your payroll, outsourcing is definitely the answer. There are plenty of individuals in our team with extensive knowledge of property law and skilled in diverse conveyancing tasks that can support you. They do not require any time to get started as they are familiar with the manner in which conveyancers work in the UK.

Improved Process Efficiency

Virtual conveyancers are experts in risk mitigation strategies. We streamline processes, reduce the risk of errors, and accelerate transaction timelines. A streamlined process also allows us to ensure quality check is efficient and audit details are clear and documented. This allows you to allocate your resources wisely and focus on core activities, leaving the rest to us.

Focus on core duties

Outsourcing conveyancing allows law firms to focus on their core competencies. By delegating the time-consuming and repetitive tasks associated with conveyancing to an outsourcing partner, law firms can redirect their resources towards more strategic and high-value activities. This enables them to provide a higher level of service to clients and differentiate themselves from their competitors.


Operating models provided by outsourcing providers like 3N Convey give you with the flexibility to scale up or down without doing any hiring. During peak periods, such as high real estate transaction seasons, outsourcing allows you to manage your workload fluctuations with ease and efficiency. You pay per transaction, so you don’t have to worry about the cost impact of fluctuations in demand.

Heightened Data Security

Our paramount concern lies in safeguarding data integrity, particularly in regulated sectors like legal and conveyancing. Our operations are fortified with three layers of security—Physical, Network, and Perimeter—delivering comprehensive protection against potential threats. Additionally, we execute client-specific NDAs and Data Security Agreements.

Meet our Team

Established by Varun and Poonam, 3n-Convey stands as India’s premier provider of third-party conveyancing outsourcing services. Specializing in legal process outsourcing for UK residential conveyancing, we assure an unmatched experience, boasting a swift 36-hour turnaround time.



Meet our Specialist Team

Supported by our team of seasoned professionals, 3n-Convey possesses unparalleled experience and expertise in operating within a high-volume title investigation environment. This proficiency has empowered 3N to cultivate specialized skills, knowledge, and procedures, culminating in the delivery of the foremost title investigation process in the UK residential conveyancing services.

We are very impressed with the way 3N handles all our work. They are fast, responsive and very thorough in title checks. We have been using 3N’s services since the last two years and we have found them to be an invaluable part of our business.

Managing Partner

Leading Conveyancing Firm

I am very impressed with the manner in which 3N has supported me and helped me grow my practice. As an individual conveyancer, I could only take on a limited amount of work. This was not helping me grow, however, after I started working with 3N, I am able to take on a lot more work and I am very relaxed knowing they are supporting me.

Practicing Conveyancer

We used 3N’s services when we had a huge backlog of cases... They stepped in and delivered seamlessly, completing title checks for over 200 matters in three months. Amazing!

Mid-size Regional Conveyancing Firm

We are happy to recommend your services as we ourselves have been very pleased with the quality of the enquiries raised as well as the detailed reports you prepare. We also appreciate your flexibility regarding the volume of work we send you, and your support during lean months. We will definitely carry on using you.

Director, Legal ALSP in Manchester

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